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How to solve the War problem on Earth

Earth is a great place to live, am I right? At least if you live in America or any non-3rd World Nation. Although some of those 3rd World Nation’s have so much freedom, and are so cost-effective; retiring there seems attractive. Anyways.

Americans love to blow things up. That’s why we have such a powerful military. No other nation on Earth can defeat us. That’s just how it is. There aren’t enough slaves in the world, or enough money in the world to defeat the US. Get over it, don’t try it. That being said. How do we solve the War problem on Earth?

Why is War a problem?

Because seeing crying babies with dirt and ash all over their facings, just screaming for mommy, isn’t good. It’s not nice. It’s morally wrong, no matter your religion. War created America though, right? So not all ward is bad, am I right? Okay then, not all war is wrong, as long as it’s for a good cause. But how do you define a good cause? What makes war just? We’ve been trying to blow up Syria for years just so some rich Elites can have their oil pipeline. We blew up Iraq and Obama gave Iraq away to Terrorists. These only sound like problems because they are problems. How many countless lives need to be obliterated before we realize war is a problem? Sure, war makes people rich. We need rich people on Earth. But at what cost?

I’m not a fan of war, never served. Would if it came down to it. But I feel I have a different purpose so I never enlisted.

History tends to repeat itself. History does bring nice monuments and museums. War destroys those things, just look at what happened in Iraq.

If you go back to WWII, how much History did Hitler destroy?

You would have to be insane to believe that war isn’t a problem, would you agree with me on that?

War is a problem. What is the solution to War?

In our recorded history on Earth, we have so many wins, so many solutions to war. Capitalism is one that comes to mind first because I’m on a Mac typing on a WordPress website. All things that came from Peace, all things that came from Capitalism. Now I’m not saying we should worship money, worship what you want to worship, doesn’t bother me.

What great nation was built because of Capitalism? The United States of America of course, right? Rugged individualism, fueled with the drive to make money, and build great things. America. And yet we still blow things up?

So how can we look at America as an example of how to solve Earth’s War Problem? Well, we can use a capitalistic trait; we can franchise the United States Constitution. Why not? Why have we not tried to franchise the constitution out to other nations?

Look to McDonald’s, the food tastes the same, right? All over the world. That’s what franchising does. We would have other nations that follow a franchised version of the United States Constitution. How would it work? Well, they all get the Bill of Rights. We should of course start with a Nation close to America that is in huge amount of Debt. Maybe I shouldn’t bring that up since America has a ton of debt. But there are other nations out there that are failing. America should go in there, get them to use our constitution. We would get a cut of their GDP of course, but they would be their own sovereign nation. With restrictions of course.

Then replicate that strategy to other nations. Eventually we’ll take over the planet, just like McDonald’s did.

We can do it.

22 Apr 2017

What TrumpCare should really be.

I’ll be honest. I’m really upset the Republicans have been at this for 6/7 years and they don’t have a solid plan yet. Now it’s TrumpCare because Trump is President, but they didn’t have anything for years. What they came up with for TrumpCare v1.0.0 was complete horse dung and not even Trump can spin it nicely. It was and is bad. So how do we make it great?

TrumpCare 2.0.0

The goal of TrumpCare should be to increase health care competition, and to reduce waste. For example, how would your average Doctor make money? The easiest way would be over priced surgeries, but that’s harder to sell to most people. So what do Doctors do? They make you come in for way too many checkups. Each patient is at least worth $1,000/year. That’s crazy expensive. You go in for one checkup, they tell you to go to a lab for the actual blood work, then they have a follow up, then a 3-week follow up, then a 3-month follow up. What are in those follow ups that can’t be done over phone, text or email? Or a website for that matter. Do you even need to see a Doctor in this day-and-age? Before we go into the actual TrumpCare Law, let’s brainstorm on how this example could have been handled differently, and cost-effectively.

Example 1

  • Go in for a checkup of some kind
  • Doctor makes you do blood work
  • You come in again to review the blood work
  • They put you on something, so you have to come back in 3-weeks
  • 3-month follow up
  • ETC.

Solution 1

In this day-and-age, you shouldn’t have had to go into the actual Doctor’s office, unless you wanted to meet the actual Doctor. Photos online, etc. give you enough. The Doctor’s website should have had a valid intake form that asked all the questions. You would take photos of your body and send them over (depending on what you’re going in for). The thank you page for that form would have scheduled you for blood work. You would go in for the blood work. The web or mobile app would then explain to you what your problem is, with Doctor review of course. In this situation, the Doctor would have spent 15 minutes worth on you and you would have saved several co-pays, and the insurance would have saved $500 to $1,000. After the web app reviews you, and prescribes you something. You get text from your local pharmacist that says your medication is done, or Uber drops off your prescription. If any complications arise, you go to an Urgent care if it’s urgent, or you go to the web app or email your Doctor. You take standard photos, answer a standardized form. You can take your own blood pressure, temperature, etc. They sell that stuff at the stores you know, or maybe you get something mailed to you when you sign up for insurance? All possible solutions. There could also be clinics that are 24/7 that examine you, and use your Doctor’s web app to interface with the doctor. If there weren’t any complications, then you would have spent less than 30 mins of the Doctor’s time over a period of a year. How much would that have actually cost insurance? Not much.

But what about surgeries and other complications?

Then you go to the Doctor, or an optimized clinic for those things. Either way, you’re spending less time with the Doctor. The web app / technology is able to crowd source solutions. We can save lots of Healthcare dollars.

What should be in TrumpCare 2.0.0?

In no particular order, we’ll list the things that TrumpCare should provide:

  • Insurance can be bought from any State or Country, as long as they pay the federal tax to be certified. This tax could be yearly, and would help bring in revenue to lower costs for low-income Americans.
  • Allow Prescription drugs to be purchased from any State or Country or Business that is federally certified. Of course there would be a fee that businesses would have to pay to be certified yearly.
  • Force Doctors and Hospitals to give estimates and tell you what the cost really is for things, and tell you what is optional so you can say NO to nonsense treatment.
  • Deny insurance monopolies. When a company gets too big, split them up. Walmart should be at least 50 different companies, not one huge company.
  • Kick out any illegals that come into emergency rooms. Treat them first of course, then schedule a visit from Ice so the criminal illegal can be deported. We shouldn’t be paying for criminal aliens. This will dramatically lower healthcare costs. This one is kind of difficult to sell to people so it might not be on v2.0.0 but maybe v2.1.0.
  • Tax discounts and better payouts to Doctors that use Technology like in Example/Solution 1.
  • Yearly audit of hospitals to make sure they’re not making people stay in the hospital longer than they need to just so the hospital can make more money.
  • Nobody has to buy insurance if they do not want to.
  • Make each state have an emergency fund to help cover the uninsurable. That way we can allow pre-existing conditions to be covered by insurance. But not in the general pool, each State has to come up with a solution. The best solution can then be replicated to the other states.
  • Get rid of prescription drugs and let people buy the drugs as they need them. Why should we let someone sit in pain in a waiting room when they can simply go to the store and buy their pain meds? We can use technology to limit how many a person can buy, that way we curb abuse. This would save an amazing amount of money. Big pharm would still make money; in fact, they would get the cut that the cartels are getting right now. Think about the money that could be made, and how great the economy would be.
  • No more government subsidies on products, insurance, etc. The government should not be picking winners and losers. The only subsidy would be for the uninsurable to help compensate for the millions of dollars that may be spent on cancer patients. Of course with this plan, everyone will be insurable.
  • Increase support for DIY healthcare treatment. Certain things shouldn’t even be brought to the attention of the Doctor. We’ve gotten into this nonsense that if you take a little bump, you need to see a Doctor and get an MRI or X-rays or whatever. That is such a waste of money. Most of the time you’re fine. Just get tougher.
  • Tort reform. You shouldn’t be given a big million dollar payout just because you hired a good lawyer. Let’s figure this out. Limit payouts. Yeah, it stinks the Doctor messed up or someone died, but money doesn’t make you happy. We shouldn’t have people becoming millionaires based on mistakes. Of course, criminal charges should be levied on Doctors that are completely negligent.

You’ve just learned how to solve our Healthcare woes.

We’ve learned that competition, technology, and getting rid of regulations will save our healthcare system. Let’s grow a pair and fix the problem. Today.

Note, I haven’t proofed this. I woke up with a kick ass attitude and wrote this.


8 Mar 2017 How the TSA can do their jobs better

What the TSA can do to make flying not suck so much

Flying sucks. There’s no reason for all the security. Build a wall, don’t let people immigrate from Terrorist Nations. Think about it. If we’re bombing the crap out of a country, why would we let the survivors into America to some day kill us? That would be pretty stupid of us. Let’s be smart, and stay alive.

But we already lost the War on Terrorism. When we travel, we either get fondled or we have 3D naked pictures made of us. Hey, freedom right? No, we’re really less free in America than in other countries. We’ve been conned, and we lost the War on Terrorism.

We don’t have to quit though, we can stand for ourselves; we can say “hey, we’re not going to take this anymore.” That’s what I think we should do, and that’s what this article is about.

What can the TSA do to make flying not suck so much?

Lists are great, so I’m going to provide a list; in no particular order.

  • Better lines for drop-off, and pick-up. It’s chaos when you go there to be dropped off, or to be picked up. Make better lines, have people working on the ground to direct traffic; not just yell at us. Be NICE!
  • Promote the trust of curbside check-ins or baggage drop-offs. I see the people there, but are they safe? Promote it, produce some safety numbers. Make it really easy, and more people will use it.
  • Affordable system to certify trusted flyers. I’m sure there’s something there now, but it’s not promoted, and it doesn’t seem affordable. Make it affordable; you save money when you don’t have long lines that require lots of people to manage those lines, am I right or am I right?
    • This system would verify people that are no threat whatsoever.
    • Let these people walk through line.
    • Don’t even bother scanning their stuff. You’re not the DEA, you’re just the TSA. Keep your job in “scope.”
    • Ideally, this system would solve 90% of the problems.
  • Go back to medal detectors. There is no reason in the world to give 100 people per year cancer (the scanners cause a % of people to get cancer), and then take naked 3D scans of people. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Please do what is right, scan the safer way.
  • Mobile App or Bar code scanners. Let people scan their bar codes themselves, have more of the devices around, and let people go through. Heck, let them scan their state issued IDs or Passports. No need for a human here. Also, stop having people ask you stupid questions.

But isn’t some of this on the Airlines themselves?

Sure, so let’s solve the problem for Airlines as well.

  • Automate as much as possible. Take advantage of curb pick-up. More kiosks, let mobile apps do the same thing. Check in your baggage with the mobile app. Allow for more trusted curbside pick-up. We should be able to walk right up to the metal detectors. Couple this with a trusted flyers program, that is cheap and everyone that isn’t a criminal can get on, will make flying a breeze.
  • Take the safety test online, once every 2 years. Why do we have to go through the safety instructions (that everyone ignores) every flight? Seems like a waste of time. Let’s not do it anymore.
  • Honesty about how long we taxi. No reason to keep us in the dark. Post it on the mobile app. But keep us informed of how long we are going to taxi, and what the reason for it is.
  • Wider aisles, less seats. Have aisles big enough for people to squeeze on by. We shouldn’t have to wait for rude people to hog the aisle. Fewer seats could solve this. You can make money selling good food, devices, advertise for rental cars, cars in general, tourist destinations, and even real estate. Just take advantage of it!


We’ve learn that the TSA sucks and just wants to fondle us, and take naked photos. We’ve also learned the solutions to the traveling crisis, and how Airlines can treat humans like humans. We don’t have to take it anymore!

30 Dec 2016 Bill Cosby did not Rape ANYONE!

Did Bill Cosby really rape anyone?

I don’t doubt Bill Cosby gave people drugs. In the past, at the time, the morals were different. Did they really know what rape was or what the drugs could do? Probably not. Who knows what drugs they were doing back then. But guess what, she’s had so long to say something about Cosby. Years. He hasn’t been around for a while, and yet when he tries to make a comeback with only a handful of years left in his life, he gets slammed with this stuff?

Again, I don’t doubt he gave her pills. She probably was like “give me the pills daddy, give me the pills daddy” you know, she’s a drug addict and been in rehab for how many years? Back then, was date rape even considered rape? I don’t know. But guess what, in the 60s, 70s & 80s – Bill Cosby was still black, right, so wouldn’t it be really easy to have a black guy locked up? I mean, all I’ve heard is how racist white people used to be so I don’t think it would have been an issue to lock him up, had the situation actually been rape.

How many times do people party and take drugs? Lots right? People party, they do drugs. A side effect is blacking out. But does that mean the guy raped her? No because if you black out, but you’re still conscious, how is Bill supposed to know you’re not going to remember anything? This is back in the 60s, before we knew about “blacking out” and date rape.

I feel bad for Bill. He’s in the last days of his life.

14 Jul 2016 Who is the real Paul McCartney?

Who is the REAL Paul McCartney?

Like so many people before me, they questioned whether or not Paul is real or an imposter. I was curious as well. So I did some digging.

What did I find in my research?

People went out of their way to compare photos taken, they used easter eggs in recordings, they took apart words used by former members of the Beatles.

But there’s nothing to prove one way or the other. Photos can have different angles. And of course, we’re talking about celebrities…of which…get plastic surgery and dental work done all the time. Puffy lips? Of course, Paul probably wanted to look better. Or maybe he made out with the wrong groupie.

It would be too hard to find someone to replace Paul and be just as successful.

How could Faul do this?

What do I think happened to Paul McCartney?

In my humble opinion, the reason for Faul:

  • Different camera angles
  • Body doubles – of course there would be body doubles
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Marketing – great way to lure fans into buying and dissecting their albums


Paul is Paul McCartney. The only want to prove otherwise would be to get DNA tests. If someone truly wants to know the truth, start a GoFundMe page and raise enough money to pay Paul to prove one way or the other, or get a rich guy/gal to pay for it. You give Paul a couple million dollars and he’ll take the test.

2 Apr 2016

Homeless People are the real bad guys & gals. Find out why.

You’re on your way to work, feeling great, right? You showered, you trimmed your beard, or whatever, and you brushed your teeth. Depending on how rushed you are, you ate enough to get you going. Then you hop in your car. Life is great, the sun is shining, you feel good, you feel refreshed. On your commute to work, you’re at a stop light, and then something happens…

A homeless person, or possible drug addict, or someone pretending to be poor, posts a sign that makes you cry. Maybe not externally, but inside, you feel like you were hit in the gut.

What is your responsibility here?

Sure, feed the poor, clothe the homeless, right? But is that really your role, your job? We all play our part into the community right, we have jobs, we buy things, we do what we’re supposed to do. All that combined produces the greatest nation on earth: USA. Isn’t that enough? I say it should be. You educated yourself, or your family helped. But your role is to live your life. And you did that.

People that make you feel bad, do you associate with them?

When a friend of yours, or family member, makes you feel bad. Does that get you upset? Do you purposely associate with people that make you feel bad? No. You avoid the people that make you feel bad because they’re bad people. When a homeless person makes you feel bad, doesn’t that make them a bad person?

I understand it’s sad to see someone so dirty and possibly hungry. So I can come up with some solutions to the homeless problem.

Solution to Homelessness

There is no easy answer, more so a ton of small solutions, that when combined, solve the homelessness problem. Here are solutions, comments & things not do to. Don’t be an enabler. So here they are:

  • Stop giving homeless people money – this only enables them. There are services for homeless and those in need. Plenty.
  • Don’t expect homeless people to be perfect. Don’t expect homeless people to be able to provide for themselves.
  • We must not think everyone should have a TV. No one “needs” a TV. No one “needs” a phone. Those are things we can have if we partake in the capitalistic system. A homeless person does not qualify (unless they have a job).
  • We are not all the same. I like the color blue, you may like the color red. But that doesn’t mean we have to like the color red or the color blue. You can choose. That’s why some people may not be concerned with their looks, or combing their hair, or showering. Homeless people can choose to be dirty, and that is okay.
  • No one really has to have a home. If someone wants to be homeless, they have every right to be homeless. Now if they’re destroying someone else’s property, they should be fined and/or punished for that. No exceptions just because they don’t have a home.


You have every right to ignore the homeless person asking for change. As a matter of fact, you have every right to tell that person to go away. They have no right to force you to do anything. Not only that, we are not all the same. If someone wants to be homeless, that’s their right. But we don’t have to help them.

27 Sep 2015 There is no water crisis | Florida SEO

Do we really have a water crisis?

This is more of a brainstorm / rant. Lots and lots of people are scared of their own shadow. We don’t have a water crisis, not in America. Globally, we just have to not live in deserts. 

I’m a firm believer that we do not have a water crisis. My reasoning is this. We can ship oil from all over the world. We can keep our cars, trucks, boats, air planes, flying saucers, etc. running all day long, and we don’t run out of oil. Why is that? Because we drill for more! We ship oil from areas where there is plenty of oil, to areas where this isn’t as much oil. We can do the same with water.

Why can’t we ship water all around the world?

I don’t understand why this would be a problem. Start building pipelines, put the water on water tankers. Move the water from raining areas to dry areas. Of course we’d have to find a way to keep the water from evaporating, but that’s not a big issue since people in Las Vegas never seem to run out.

Do we really have a water crisis? No of course not!

Is there a shortage of water?

No! It still rains plenty all around the world. I live in Florida, it rains almost every day. By the way, did you notice all that water in the ocean? Yeah, that’s water too! Oh but California is suffering a drought. Sort of a drought, but… California is suffering from failed leadership for the past 30 years. They’ve had every opportunity to upgrade their water infrastructure to accommodate the population growth, but they haven’t. They could have plenty desalination plants to process the ocean water. They’re just too stupid to implement it. So they complain about climate change. It’s sad. They have a bottled water company over there selling water to other states, yet, they have a water shortage, right? What a scam. They may not have a lot of water, but the problem is all their doing. They built that problem. Put me in charge, I’ll fix it.

What can we do to help the world?

I’ve mentioned water pipelines and desalination plants. Those 2 solutions would end our fear of running out of water. But Luke, there is another…

  • Dehumidifiers – we can take water from the air and turn it into, you know, water. Power them with solar and you’re good to go.
  • Homeowners to collect gray water – did you know when it rains, you can store that water? Yeah, put it in a big container and store a year’s worth of water. Done.
  • Keep your waste water – I’m not talking about your bathroom water, but your washer machine, dish washer, drain water from you AC; we can update housing to allow that water to be stored in containers. Yes we can. Run it through a sand / charcoal filter, put some bleach in there. Done. Or just use it on your flowers.

Some of the grosser options to keep the climate change religion at bay:

  • Put sand in a half gallon milk jug, and place it in the top of your toilet.
  • Don’t flush as much. Something about yellow and mellow.
  • Poor your half drank water bottles into a bigger bottle and drink, or let your dog drink it, or even use it for your lawn/flowers.
  • Poor old soda, old drinks, anything with liquid, through a sand/charcoal filter. Then use the water for the lawn or boil it so you can drink it.

How to save water? The non-gross way.

  • Don’t water your lawn as much. Use technology to control your watering.
  • Don’t water when it’s rained that day or the day before.
  • Don’t run your faucet as long. Use a dishwater (Oh but electricity. I don’t care).

What should be invented to save water?

I’m a firm believer in technology. I hope to one day make my own robots (not web, done that). What can we invent that will save use from this fake water crisis?

  • Better life straw. I have one, but they should make it better, faster, and for long-term everyday use.
  • Homes pre-installed with dehumidifiers to drinking water. Maybe something in/on the fridge, and then an easy way to change the filter.
  • More water reserves. Dig more holes, store more water. Put more money into it.


I’ve gotta go do something more important, like help somebody make money. I’m a Florida SEO Specialist (some could say expert) , I help small businesses with their SEO and all that. Like I said, I live in Florida. But anyway, the water problem isn’t really a problem. Climate change / Global warming is just a way for Democrats to launder money to their crony friends. It’s a scam, it’s fraud. They should all be locked up in jail with Bruce Jenner (he killed someone).