14 Jul 2016 Ferado

Who is the REAL Paul McCartney

Like so many people before me, they questioned whether or not Paul is real or an imposter. I was curious as well. So I did some digging.

What did I find in my research?

People went out of their way to compare photos taken, they used easter eggs in recordings, they took apart words used by former members of the Beatles.

But there’s nothing to prove one way or the other. Photos can have different angles. And of course, we’re talking about celebrities…of which…get plastic surgery and dental work done all the time. Puffy lips? Of course, Paul probably wanted to look better. Or maybe he made out with the wrong groupie.

It would be too hard to find someone to replace Paul and be just as successful.

How could Faul do this?

What do I think happened to Paul McCartney?

In my humble opinion, the reason for Faul:

  • Different camera angles
  • Body doubles – of course there would be body doubles
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Marketing – great way to lure fans into buying and dissecting their albums


Paul is Paul McCartney. The only want to prove otherwise would be to get DNA tests. If someone truly wants to know the truth, start a GoFundMe page and raise enough money to pay Paul to prove one way or the other, or get a rich guy/gal to pay for it. You give Paul a couple million dollars and he’ll take the test.

2 Apr 2016 homeless-real-bad-guys-gals-reason

Homeless People are the real bad guys & gals. Find out why.

You’re on your way to work, feeling great, right? You showered, you trimmed your beard, or whatever, and you brushed your teeth. Depending on how rushed you are, you ate enough to get you going. Then you hop in your car. Life is great, the sun is shining, you feel good, you feel refreshed. On your commute to work, you’re at a stop light, and then something happens…

A homeless person, or possible drug addict, or someone pretending to be poor, posts a sign that makes you cry. Maybe not externally, but inside, you feel like you were punch in the gut.

What is your responsibility here?

Sure, feed the poor, clothe the homeless, right? But is that really your role, your job? We all play our part into the community right, we have jobs, we buy things, we do what we’re supposed to do. All that combined produces the greatest nation on earth: USA.

People that make you feel bad, do you associate with them?

When a friend of yours, or family member, makes you feel bad. Does that get you upset? Do you purposely associate with people that make you feel bad? No. You avoid the people that make you feel bad because they’re bad people. When a homeless person makes you feel bad, doesn’t that make them a bad person?

Solution to Homelessness

There is no easy answer, more so a ton of small solutions, that when combined, solve the homelessness problem.

  • Stop giving homeless people money – this only enables them. There are services for homeless and those in need. Plenty.
  • Don’t expect homeless people to be perfect. Don’t expect homeless people to be able to provide for themselves.
  • TBD – I just wanted to write something today. I’ll come back to this.


27 Sep 2015 There is no water crisis | Florida SEO

Do we really have a water crisis?

This is more of a brainstorm / rant. I’m tired of people fearing the world is going to end and that we’re going to run out of water.

I’m a firm believer that we do not have a water crisis. My reasoning is this. We can ship oil from all over the world. We can keep our cars, trucks, boats, air planes, flying saucers, etc. running all day long, and we don’t run out of oil. Why is that? Because we drill for more! We ship oil from areas where there is plenty of oil, to areas where this isn’t as much oil. We can do the same with water.

Why can’t we ship water all around the world?

I don’t understand why this would be a problem. Start building pipelines, put the water on water tankers. Move the water from raining areas to dry areas. Of course we’d have to find a way to keep the water from evaporating, but that’s not a big issue since people in Las Vegas never seem to run out.

Is there a shortage of water?

No! It still rains plenty all around the world. I live in Florida, it rains every day. By the way, did you notice all that water in the ocean? Yeah, that’s water too! California is suffering from failed leadership for the past 30 years. They’ve had every opportunity to upgrade their water infrastructure to accommodate the population growth, but they haven’t. They could have plenty desalination plants to process the ocean water. They’re just too stupid to implement it. So they complain about climate change. It’s sad. They have a bottled water company over there selling water to other states, yet, they have a water shortage, right? What a scam. They may not have a lot of water, but the problem is all their doing. They built that problem.

What can we do to help the world?

I’ve mentioned water pipelines and desalination plants. Those 2 solutions would end our fear of running out of water. But Luke, there is another…

  • Dehumidifiers – we can take water from the air and turn it into, you know, water. Power them with solar and you’re good to go.
  • Homeowners to collect gray water – did you know when it rains, you can store that water? Yeah, put it in a big container and store a year’s worth of water. Done.
  • Keep your waste water – not talking about your bathroom water, but your washer machine, dish washer, drain water from you AC; we can update housing to allow that water to be stored in containers. Yes we can. Run it through a sand / charcoal filter, put some bleach in there. Done.


I’ve gotta go do something more important, like help somebody make money. I’m a Florida SEO, I help small businesses with their SEO and all that. Like I said, I live in Florida. But anyway, the water problem isn’t really a problem. Climate change / Global warming is just a way for Democrats to launder money to their crony friends. It’s a scam, it’s fraud. They should all be locked up in jail with Bruce Jenner (he killed someone so you know he’s not OJ and he’s going to jail).

22 Sep 2015 Clock Bomb

Clock Bomb Publicity Stunt

It’s like the world has gone completely mad. A kid brings what looks like the timer to a bomb to school and people are shocked he was in trouble for it? What? Of course the kid should have been disciplined. He brought a hoax bomb to school. It wasn’t for the science fair. It wasn’t a school project. It was because he wanted to scare people.

What makes this whole situation more annoying, Mr. Obama invites him over? What? This kid does not deserve to be a rewarded with Mr. Obama’s time. Sure, I’m not an Obama fan. But he is the President of the greatest country in the history of mankind. Okay, got that? A trouble maker kid should be punished, not rewarded.

My two cents or so.

31 Jul 2015 Roddy Piper Dead at 61

Roddy Piper Dead

Roddy Piper wasn’t my favorite wrestler growing up. I always watched wrestling to see Hulk Hogan. But even though Roddy Piper wasn’t my favorite wrestler of all-time, it saddens me to hear that he died today. At this point, I do not know what was his cause of death. 61 isn’t young, but it also isn’t old enough to leave the earth.

In memory of Roddy Piper, I will kick ass and chew bubble gum this weekend.

28 Jul 2015 Ferado

A Fable About Asking for More

I love to read. Right now, I’m reading a little bit about how to negotiate. Here’s a funny tidbit I’d like to share with you.

There was once a very old couple who lived in a dilapidated thatched hut on a remote Pacific Island. One day, a hurricane blew through the village and demolished their home. Because they were much too old and poor to rebuild the hut, the couple moved in with their daughter and her husband. This arrangement precipitated an unpleasant domestic situation, as the daughter’s hut was barely big enough for herself, her husband, and their four children, let alone the in-laws.

The daughter went to the wise person of the village, explained the problem and asked, “Whatever will we do?”

The wise person puffed slowly on a pipe and then responded, “You have chickens, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she replied, “we have chickens.”

“Then bring the chickens into the hut with you.”

This seemed ludicrous to the daughter, but she followed the wise person’s advice. The move naturally exacerbated the problem, and the situation was soon unbearable, for feathers as well as hostile words flew around the hut. The daughter returned to the wise person, pleading for advice.

“You have pigs, don’t you?”

“Yes, we have three pigs.”

“Then you must bring the pigs into your hut with you.”

That seemed to be ridiculous advice, but to question the wise person was unthinkable, so she brought the pigs into the hut. Life was now truly unlivable, with eight people, 10 chickens, and three pigs sharing one tiny, noisy hut. Her husband complained that he couldn’t hear the radio over the racket.

The next day the daughter, fearing for her family’s sanity, approached the wise person with a final desperate plea. “Please,” she cried, “we can’t live like this. Tell me what to do and I’ll do it, but please help us.”

This time, the wise person’s response was puzzling, but easier to follow. “Remove the chickens and the pigs from your hut.” She quickly evicted the animals, and the entire family lived happlily together for the rest of their days.

The moral of the story is that a deal always looks better after something has been thrown out.

When negotiating, ask for more than you expect to get.

25 Jul 2015 Ferado

Why raising minimum wage is a complete waste of time

To the non-thinkers out there, raising the minimum wage would make a lot of sense. But that’s because they’re not “thinking” about the problem. They’re not taking into consideration the cost of doing business.

Why minimum wage is a waste of time

What is an employee to a employer? An asset, right? Also, an expense, isn’t that true? Employees cost the employers money. It doesn’t matter if the work makes the business money. Employee wages cost the business money. Sure, businesses make money off of certain employees, but not all employees, and there’s still a cost associated with an employee.

What happens when you raise the cost of a business to do business? It hurts the business, doesn’t it? Then what do businesses do? They raise their rates for their services or products.

Essentially that’s what will happen when minimum wages are increases. The cost of business will rise, and so will prices. You’ll never be able to force the wages to match the cost of living. Socialism has tried to re-distribute money, and has failed every time. Meanwhile, capitalism raises the ceiling, and lifts up the poor. What, you don’t feel good knowing that your homeless have $600 cell phones?

But why can’t minimum wage compete with cost of living increases?

There are so many factors that go into why a business would raise its rates. Insurance, rent, taxes, raw material costs, employee compensation, etc. All those and more raise the price of the product or service that a business profits on. If there’s a drought, or a war, then prices for raw materials will shoot up 50% or more; some years, probably just 5%. How are you going to match employee wages with that? Simple answer: you can’t.


You can complain all you want about minimum wage. You have some sort of free speech, at least, in America. But why waste the time? Why not focus on things you can do to help? Minimum wage is not the same as a living wage, it’s the lowest wage “anyone” can be paid.