10 tips on making your website work

30 Dec 2009 Ferado

This book is no longer available.

Google released a PDF booklet with 10 tips on making your website work. I’m loving the fact that the book is free and that it has has some good tips we all should know.

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A sneak peak of what’s inside:

Bring me to the right page
This part talks about tips for landing pages.
Make your homepage useful
Talks about how your homepage should be informative and clear.
Help me navigate
Says you need a clear site navigation.
Give me the right results when I search
Pretty obvious, searches should be accurate.
Display groups of products clearly
Talks about having a clear layout and design.
Give me the product details I need
Summarize and have a visible call-to-action.
Make registrations optional
I’ve always hated having to register for every website I go to. This section agrees with me.
Make it easy to buy or enquire
Don’t ask for stuff you don’t need to know for the user to own what you’re offering.
Reassure me
Everyone likes a little bit of hand holding.
Find this useful? Let me help!
Like always, the author is giving thanks for reading his article.
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