9 Nov 2014 Michelle Noctor

Michelle Noctor

Michelle Noctor is a fictitious person in a made-up story about life. But isn’t all life fake, aren’t most people fake; are you real? No one would know for sure. Please enjoy this article about Mrs. Michelle Noctor. 

Hello World! This is the story about Michelle Noctor, the woman without a story, until now. Sitting around, laying on the beach, thinking about how great life really is. What would come through your mind? Can you imagine being on the beach, just relaxing, living your life. What would you look like? Something like this, you think:

Michelle Noctor's Mugshot & Arrest Record

 What’s the meaning of life?

How did this story come to be, what were we thinking? Sometimes thing’s just happen, words just appear. You never really know what you’re going to do until you do it. Just like when you’re sitting on the beach, thinking about how great life is. Do you know what you do next? What is the meaning of life? Why are we all here? What are we supposed to do with our lives? That’s where the story of Michelle Noctor comes from.

Do you like Chinese food?

The photo below is of a woman eating…oranges…with chopsticks. Pretty crazy right? Maybe this photo has to do with the story. Still trying to think of a way to write the story. What is the story?

Michelle Noctor eating oranges | Mugshot

Michelle Noctor on Tumblr

I posted this tumblr of Michelle Noctor to go along with the story. So what is the story….

The beginning of the story…

There once was a woman, her name was Michelle. She lived a good life. Grew up in a small town in the East coast of the U.S. Raised in a strong Republican family because that’s the only way you can get a strong American family. Just think about it then you’ll believe me. Anyway. East coast she lived, born & raised. A town called Smallville. Not the place of Superheros, but the place Ms. Noctor lived. Let’s just call her Michelle for short because I don’t want to have to write out the whole name each time.

Okay, so Michelle lived in the East coast in a town called Smallville. Such a small town, what do you do with yourself? She helped people. She always had the dream of being the best social worker in the world. She studied her butt off. You know, books all day & night. That’s what Michelle did.

Eventually she got older and moved to the big city – NYC. That’s New York City. The big city with cultural within culture. People can get lost in that. Living in NYC taught Michelle a few things about life:

  1. Most people are in it for themselves
  2. Be charitable, but only for you and not others
  3. Keep your guard up
  4. Always stand up for yourself
  5. Let people see you do things

Let’s go over these things she learned about life.

#1. Most people are in it for themselves

No matter what you want to believe, people are in it for themselves. Insert anything for “it” because it’ll work. People are greedy, people do not think of others. The ones that do are taken advantage of no matter what.

#2. Be charitable, but only for you and not others

Okay, this time it’s okay to be in it for yourself. Anyway. Many people try and help others, but they mostly do it because of the perception of being a good person. It’s not because they’re a good person. It’s because they want more opportunity in life. The kid that becomes an eagle scout is doing it because he wants a better job. It’s to make himself seem better than someone else.

You shouldn’t be charitable for that reason. Be charitable for yourself. Don’t do it thinking people are going to be charitable to you. It never happens! People are in it for themselves, so you help them, they take advantage of you. In the end you lose. Therefore, just be charitable, but do it for yourself.


#3. Keep your guard up

People are always out to get you, that’s why you need to keep your guard up. The guy that schedules you at work, he doesn’t have your best interest at heart. He’s just looking out for him. That’s why you need to make sure you live within your means, and you take care of you. Be strong, always say “I got this” and keep on keeping strong.

#4. Always stand up for yourself

Don’t be pushed around! Stand up for yourself. If you’re being wronged, tell the person that. Sometimes people do things to you without thinking that they’re hurting you. That’s why you stand up for yourself. You don’t have to be a dick about it, but just stand up for yourself. It always works out. If someone fires you, they have a small Weiner. Also, you can probably sue. So you’re still good.

#5. Let people see you do things

I used to do things without telling people. But you know what happens? No one knows you did it and they may give another person credit for it. Why would you want that to happen? So make sure people know you did something. If you clean the kitchen, tell your spouse. Tell your roommate. Make sure they know you did it. That way, you get credit for it.

Other Advice from Michelle

There are so many things in life that we must do to achieve the things we want to achieve. Most of life is about staying focused, and staying motivated. How are you going to get to your destination if you are turning left here, right there, and going around in circles? Staying focused is so important in life. Please stay focused! When you’re on a long journey, and you’re going so far, but then you get the case of “eh, let’s just turn around and go home.” Would you ever get to where you’re going? No, that’s why you need to stay motivated.

How do you stay focused? Well, there are lots of ways. That’s for the next update to this blog.

How do you stay motivated? Well, you reward yourself when you achieve something, sort of like working out and building muscle. More on the next blog update.


This is an on-going story. I’ll update it weekly to make sure you are in the know about everything. This is the story of Michelle Noctor.

25 Jan 2009 Ferado

The Two Frogs

Two frogs dwelt in the same pool. The pool being dried up under the summer’s heat, they left it, and set out together to seek another home. As they went along they chanced to pass a deep well, amply supplied with water, on seeing which one of the frogs said to the other: “Let us descend and make our abode in this well, it will furnish us with shelter and food.” The other replied with greater caution: “But suppose the water should fail us, how can we get out again from such great a depth?”

Do nothing without a regard to the consequences.

– Aesop’s Fables, Sixth Century B.C.