22 Apr 2017

What TrumpCare should really be.

I’ll be honest. I’m really upset the Republicans have been at this for 6/7 years and they don’t have a solid plan yet. Now it’s TrumpCare because Trump is President, but they didn’t have anything for years. What they came up with for TrumpCare v1.0.0 was complete horse dung and not even Trump can spin it nicely. It was and is bad. So how do we make it great?

TrumpCare 2.0.0

The goal of TrumpCare should be to increase health care competition, and to reduce waste. For example, how would your average Doctor make money? The easiest way would be over priced surgeries, but that’s harder to sell to most people. So what do Doctors do? They make you come in for way too many checkups. Each patient is at least worth $1,000/year. That’s crazy expensive. You go in for one checkup, they tell you to go to a lab for the actual blood work, then they have a follow up, then a 3-week follow up, then a 3-month follow up. What are in those follow ups that can’t be done over phone, text or email? Or a website for that matter. Do you even need to see a Doctor in this day-and-age? Before we go into the actual TrumpCare Law, let’s brainstorm on how this example could have been handled differently, and cost-effectively.

Example 1

  • Go in for a checkup of some kind
  • Doctor makes you do blood work
  • You come in again to review the blood work
  • They put you on something, so you have to come back in 3-weeks
  • 3-month follow up
  • ETC.

Solution 1

In this day-and-age, you shouldn’t have had to go into the actual Doctor’s office, unless you wanted to meet the actual Doctor. Photos online, etc. give you enough. The Doctor’s website should have had a valid intake form that asked all the questions. You would take photos of your body and send them over (depending on what you’re going in for). The thank you page for that form would have scheduled you for blood work. You would go in for the blood work. The web or mobile app would then explain to you what your problem is, with Doctor review of course. In this situation, the Doctor would have spent 15 minutes worth on you and you would have saved several co-pays, and the insurance would have saved $500 to $1,000. After the web app reviews you, and prescribes you something. You get text from your local pharmacist that says your medication is done, or Uber drops off your prescription. If any complications arise, you go to an Urgent care if it’s urgent, or you go to the web app or email your Doctor. You take standard photos, answer a standardized form. You can take your own blood pressure, temperature, etc. They sell that stuff at the stores you know, or maybe you get something mailed to you when you sign up for insurance? All possible solutions. There could also be clinics that are 24/7 that examine you, and use your Doctor’s web app to interface with the doctor. If there weren’t any complications, then you would have spent less than 30 mins of the Doctor’s time over a period of a year. How much would that have actually cost insurance? Not much.

But what about surgeries and other complications?

Then you go to the Doctor, or an optimized clinic for those things. Either way, you’re spending less time with the Doctor. The web app / technology is able to crowd source solutions. We can save lots of Healthcare dollars.

What should be in TrumpCare 2.0.0?

In no particular order, we’ll list the things that TrumpCare should provide:

  • Insurance can be bought from any State or Country, as long as they pay the federal tax to be certified. This tax could be yearly, and would help bring in revenue to lower costs for low-income Americans.
  • Allow Prescription drugs to be purchased from any State or Country or Business that is federally certified. Of course there would be a fee that businesses would have to pay to be certified yearly.
  • Force Doctors and Hospitals to give estimates and tell you what the cost really is for things, and tell you what is optional so you can say NO to nonsense treatment.
  • Deny insurance monopolies. When a company gets too big, split them up. Walmart should be at least 50 different companies, not one huge company.
  • Kick out any illegals that come into emergency rooms. Treat them first of course, then schedule a visit from Ice so the criminal illegal can be deported. We shouldn’t be paying for criminal aliens. This will dramatically lower healthcare costs. This one is kind of difficult to sell to people so it might not be on v2.0.0 but maybe v2.1.0.
  • Tax discounts and better payouts to Doctors that use Technology like in Example/Solution 1.
  • Yearly audit of hospitals to make sure they’re not making people stay in the hospital longer than they need to just so the hospital can make more money.
  • Nobody has to buy insurance if they do not want to.
  • Make each state have an emergency fund to help cover the uninsurable. That way we can allow pre-existing conditions to be covered by insurance. But not in the general pool, each State has to come up with a solution. The best solution can then be replicated to the other states.
  • Get rid of prescription drugs and let people buy the drugs as they need them. Why should we let someone sit in pain in a waiting room when they can simply go to the store and buy their pain meds? We can use technology to limit how many a person can buy, that way we curb abuse. This would save an amazing amount of money. Big pharm would still make money; in fact, they would get the cut that the cartels are getting right now. Think about the money that could be made, and how great the economy would be.
  • No more government subsidies on products, insurance, etc. The government should not be picking winners and losers. The only subsidy would be for the uninsurable to help compensate for the millions of dollars that may be spent on cancer patients. Of course with this plan, everyone will be insurable.
  • Increase support for DIY healthcare treatment. Certain things shouldn’t even be brought to the attention of the Doctor. We’ve gotten into this nonsense that if you take a little bump, you need to see a Doctor and get an MRI or X-rays or whatever. That is such a waste of money. Most of the time you’re fine. Just get tougher.
  • Tort reform. You shouldn’t be given a big million dollar payout just because you hired a good lawyer. Let’s figure this out. Limit payouts. Yeah, it stinks the Doctor messed up or someone died, but money doesn’t make you happy. We shouldn’t have people becoming millionaires based on mistakes. Of course, criminal charges should be levied on Doctors that are completely negligent.

You’ve just learned how to solve our Healthcare woes.

We’ve learned that competition, technology, and getting rid of regulations will save our healthcare system. Let’s grow a pair and fix the problem. Today.

Note, I haven’t proofed this. I woke up with a kick ass attitude and wrote this.


2 Oct 2014 How to save water - tips & tricks.

Brainstorm: How to save on water use

My water bill isn’t too bad, even with a pool. I don’t water the grass because it rains so much =) But with the shortage of water in California, not because of the drought, but because of the increase in population size and businesses using the water, it got me to thinking. How can I use less water?

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Sensor to automatically shut off water when I’m washing my hands or dishes.
  • Timer for the shower to let me know how long I’m taking, and keep stats on previous shower times (day of week, etc).
  • Low flow water heads in every shower.
  • Don’t flush the toilet as much (you know the saying).
  • Put a half gallon jug (from old milk) and fill it with sand to displace the half gallon of water.
  • Use dehumidified water for watering the grass. I live in Florida, it gets humid so I waste electricity (that’s another story).
  • Use AC water that usually drains into the dirt for the pool & grass (if needed).
  • Collect gray water (rain water).
  • Collect all old soda cans, soda water, or any fluid that isn’t too oily; then dump it in a sand/charcoal filter. Use the water in the lawn or boil to drink.

This is merely a brainstorm, and there are other ways I’m sure to save on water. But these are very cost effective solutions, aren’t they?

5 Sep 2014 Ferado

Enhanced Amazon Reviews with 2 new flags

It would be amazing if Amazon could come up with a way to follow reviewers on their site. I have no idea if this is current functionality, as it is not easy to figure out.

But here are the two types of follower groups I’d like added:

  • Follow Reviewers you trust
  • Flag Fishy Reviewers – reviewers you think might be SPAM from the product owner

Follow Reviewers you trust

By having a follower I trust highlighted or at the top of the product page when I’m on Amazon, I’m able to make a faster decision. This is a little different than having a Facebook friend show up on the product page because my Facebook friends aren’t as likely¬†to purchase a product I may purchase, but someone that I follow based on their purchasing decisions, would help me decide to buy faster.

Flag Fishy Reviewers

Flagging and highlighting reviewers that I feel are fishy helps me ignore a product that I’m likely to hate. Why should I have to buy a product if it’s not good, or a product I’m likely to hate?


That’s it. Amazon, if you could add this functionality, I’ll be able to buy more from you at a faster pace. I would love to shorten the amount of time I spend researching products. I use reviews to figure out if a product is crap. I don’t like to buy crap. This will help me to stop buying crap.