30 May 2010 Ferado

A handful of Social Monitoring Tools

Have you ever wanted to monitor your social media buzz? Maybe you have or maybe you haven’t, regardless, you’ve wanted to keep track of something, a search term, a product, etc. A great of way of doing that would be to use one of the following 5 social monitoring tools:

  • socialmention offers Real-time social media search and analysis
  • BlogPulse is a great tool to search blogs and current trends
  • Omgili is a forum search engine that lets you find communities, message boards, discussion threads about any topic
  • Google Alerts is a real-time/daily email alert tool that can be configured to track any search phrase using Google indexing
  • Twitter is very handy for tracking real-time buzz

There are more tools available if you search hard and long enough. If you’d like to have any others listerd here, just give me a shout! Thanks.

24 May 2009 Ferado

Top Rated – FREE – Security Software for PC

As many of you already know, MACs are evil and I will not talk about them in this post. Hopefully someday MACs will do away with their evilness, but until then…

Consumer Reports did its usual software ratings and stuff like that. What I thought was interesting was that it rated these 3 pieces of software pretty highly:

For more, you’re gonna have to Google it or sign up with Consumer Reports.

6 May 2009 Ferado

States and provinces code for HTML form dropdown

States and Provinces code for HTML form drop down, just to make life simple & easy.

Doing YOU this favor, saving you some time and posting this for YOU, my readers. I only hope that it saves you time. To further that along, I’m posting different versions of it, in different posts of course!

[cc lang=”html”]


I like you, I think I’ll let you download it at the following link: