3 Jan 2010 Ferado

How to embed animated GIFs into your Flash or AIR app

I’m working on a web page thumbnail generator and a new blog post (a good one this time) about web page thumbnail generation. A topic for another day; however, when making the preloader for it…I don’t like the flash preloaders that you see every where, and I thought giving progress back wouldn’t be worth it because how am I going to know how to calculate the percentage done. You know how it says 60%, 70%, 80% percent in normal preloaders? Well, in this situation it wouldn’t be accurate to do something like that because I’m doing a whole bunch of different calculations, etc.

So what did I do? I thought, “Hey, why not just use an animated gif, like what I see on ajaxload.info?” I get back to coding and I load in my gif right? Wrong.
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18 Jun 2009 Ferado

10 Browser Testing Tools

10 Browser Testing Tools

I’ve been doing a lot of Quality Assurance for my #1 Client, and in addition to being fully thorough, it’s good to have a bunch of tools under your belt. Rather than re-blog about it, I’ll share with you a blog about 10 Browser Testing Tools. He says they’re for designers, I say they’re for anyone that works with the web. You can be a Developer, Designer, Quality Assurance Engineer or even a Project Manager – these tools are for you!

[source src=”http://bryanconnor.com/2009/06/10-browser-testing-tools/”]