30 Dec 2009 Ferado

10 tips on making your website work

Google released a PDF booklet with 10 tips on making your website work. I’m loving the fact that the book is free and that it has has some good tips we all should know.

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A sneak peak of what’s inside:
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2 May 2009 Ferado

Need help with CSS sprites?

Do you want to know more about CSS sprites? Do you know what CSS sprites are? Are you Lost?

Well, not a lot of people do (know what CSS sprites are, that is). I only know about them because I’m a genius and I know everything. But that’s not what this post is about, it’s about CSS sprites.

Rather than explain, I found this nice little post for you. It gets the job done so I’m outsourcing the remainder of this post to this site:  Mystery of CSS Sprites