Did Bill Cosby really rape anyone?

30 Dec 2016 Bill Cosby did not Rape ANYONE!

I don’t doubt Bill Cosby gave people drugs. In the past, at the time, the morals were different. Did they really know what rape was or what the drugs could do? Probably not. Who knows what drugs they were doing back then. But guess what, she’s had so long to say something about Cosby. Years. He hasn’t been around for a while, and yet when he tries to make a comeback with only a handful of years left in his life, he gets slammed with this stuff?

Again, I don’t doubt he gave her pills. She probably was like “give me the pills daddy, give me the pills daddy” you know, she’s a drug addict and been in rehab for how many years? Back then, was date rape even considered rape? I don’t know. But guess what, in the 60s, 70s & 80s – Bill Cosby was still black, right, so wouldn’t it be really easy to have a black guy locked up? I mean, all I’ve heard is how racist white people used to be so I don’t think it would have been an issue to lock him up, had the situation actually been rape.

How many times do people party and take drugs? Lots right? People party, they do drugs. A side effect is blacking out. But does that mean the guy raped her? No because if you black out, but you’re still conscious, how is Bill supposed to know you’re not going to remember anything? This is back in the 60s, before we knew about “blacking out” and date rape.

I feel bad for Bill. He’s in the last days of his life.