Do we really have a water crisis?

27 Sep 2015 There is no water crisis | Florida SEO

This is more of a brainstorm / rant. Lots and lots of people are scared of their own shadow. We don’t have a water crisis, not in America. Globally, we just have to not live in deserts. 

I’m a firm believer that we do not have a water crisis. My reasoning is this. We can ship oil from all over the world. We can keep our cars, trucks, boats, air planes, flying saucers, etc. running all day long, and we don’t run out of oil. Why is that? Because we drill for more! We ship oil from areas where there is plenty of oil, to areas where this isn’t as much oil. We can do the same with water.

Why can’t we ship water all around the world?

I don’t understand why this would be a problem. Start building pipelines, put the water on water tankers. Move the water from raining areas to dry areas. Of course we’d have to find a way to keep the water from evaporating, but that’s not a big issue since people in Las Vegas never seem to run out.

Do we really have a water crisis? No of course not!

Is there a shortage of water?

No! It still rains plenty all around the world. I live in Florida, it rains almost every day. By the way, did you notice all that water in the ocean? Yeah, that’s water too! Oh but California is suffering a drought. Sort of a drought, but… California is suffering from failed leadership for the past 30 years. They’ve had every opportunity to upgrade their water infrastructure to accommodate the population growth, but they haven’t. They could have plenty desalination plants to process the ocean water. They’re just too stupid to implement it. So they complain about climate change. It’s sad. They have a bottled water company over there selling water to other states, yet, they have a water shortage, right? What a scam. They may not have a lot of water, but the problem is all their doing. They built that problem. Put me in charge, I’ll fix it.

What can we do to help the world?

I’ve mentioned water pipelines and desalination plants. Those 2 solutions would end our fear of running out of water. But Luke, there is another…

  • Dehumidifiers – we can take water from the air and turn it into, you know, water. Power them with solar and you’re good to go.
  • Homeowners to collect gray water – did you know when it rains, you can store that water? Yeah, put it in a big container and store a year’s worth of water. Done.
  • Keep your waste water – I’m not talking about your bathroom water, but your washer machine, dish washer, drain water from you AC; we can update housing to allow that water to be stored in containers. Yes we can. Run it through a sand / charcoal filter, put some bleach in there. Done. Or just use it on your flowers.

Some of the grosser options to keep the climate change religion at bay:

  • Put sand in a half gallon milk jug, and place it in the top of your toilet.
  • Don’t flush as much. Something about yellow and mellow.
  • Poor your half drank water bottles into a bigger bottle and drink, or let your dog drink it, or even use it for your lawn/flowers.
  • Poor old soda, old drinks, anything with liquid, through a sand/charcoal filter. Then use the water for the lawn or boil it so you can drink it.

How to save water? The non-gross way.

  • Don’t water your lawn as much. Use technology to control your watering.
  • Don’t water when it’s rained that day or the day before.
  • Don’t run your faucet as long. Use a dishwater (Oh but electricity. I don’t care).

What should be invented to save water?

I’m a firm believer in technology. I hope to one day make my own robots (not web, done that). What can we invent that will save use from this fake water crisis?

  • Better life straw. I have one, but they should make it better, faster, and for long-term everyday use.
  • Homes pre-installed with dehumidifiers to drinking water. Maybe something in/on the fridge, and then an easy way to change the filter.
  • More water reserves. Dig more holes, store more water. Put more money into it.


I’ve gotta go do something more important, like help somebody make money. I’m a Florida SEO Specialist (some could say expert) , I help small businesses with their SEO and all that. Like I said, I live in Florida. But anyway, the water problem isn’t really a problem. Climate change / Global warming is just a way for Democrats to launder money to their crony friends. It’s a scam, it’s fraud. They should all be locked up in jail with Bruce Jenner (he killed someone).