Enhanced Amazon Reviews with 2 new flags

5 Sep 2014 Ferado

It would be amazing if Amazon could come up with a way to follow reviewers on their site. I have no idea if this is current functionality, as it is not easy to figure out.

But here are the two types of follower groups I’d like added:

  • Follow Reviewers you trust
  • Flag Fishy Reviewers – reviewers you think might be SPAM from the product owner

Follow Reviewers you trust

By having a follower I trust highlighted or at the top of the product page when I’m on Amazon, I’m able to make a faster decision. This is a little different than having a Facebook friend show up on the product page because my Facebook friends aren’t as likely¬†to purchase a product I may purchase, but someone that I follow based on their purchasing decisions, would help me decide to buy faster.

Flag Fishy Reviewers

Flagging and highlighting reviewers that I feel are fishy helps me ignore a product that I’m likely to hate. Why should I have to buy a product if it’s not good, or a product I’m likely to hate?


That’s it. Amazon, if you could add this functionality, I’ll be able to buy more from you at a faster pace. I would love to shorten the amount of time I spend researching products. I use reviews to figure out if a product is crap. I don’t like to buy crap. This will help me to stop buying crap.