Finally getting a little bit of recognition…

28 Apr 2009 Ferado

Way back in October of 2008 the company I work for launched the re-design of, I was the Lead Developer on that project. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into getting that site to launch on time – and you know what?

We launched on time.

I remember getting a few thank yous and stuff like that, but I don’t ever recall really hearing or seeing anything that would make up for the fact that I worked around 90+ hours a week for a month to get that thing live on time.

There are things about the project I can’t talk about because of my contract and all that stuff and plus I’m not a ranter about work. I like to work hard and play harder. So it’s no big deal. I do it all the time and I’ll continue to do it. I can even do it for you if you want.

But anyway, my recently new boss came around (shoot, I think this was a month ago) and mentioned that we won an award for the site and that my name was mentioned (you know, in the small print somewhere).

Awesome, it’s about damn time. LOL! No, I’ve been recognized for other projects in my past, and if they were still up and I still knew what the URLs were, I’d post about them.

Here’s the current link:

Let me know when it’s a dead link and I’ll de-link it.