Help kill Internet Explorer 6 with IE6 Update

18 Apr 2009 Ferado

I like to Google stuff a lot, and in my recent bit of Googling, I came across this: IE6 Update.

It’s basically a nice and sneaky way of tricking your users into upgrading to the most recent version of IE. Ethics aside, it’s a pretty cool idea. I mean, IE6 costs businesses millions of dollars in wasted hours in order to support a crappy, insecure browser.

Allowing people to use IE6 to visit your site is like allowing people to have sex with hookers, it’s just not a good idea. Right? Unless you’re into that of course, and I won’t blame you because I really want you to like me.

Kidding aside, install IE6 Update on your site and let’s stop this plague otherwise known as IE6.


One comment on “Help kill Internet Explorer 6 with IE6 Update

  1. Nick Pettit

    Thank you for supporting IE6 Update and spreading the word! That’s definitely one of the stronger metaphors I’ve seen for users visiting with IE6… I like it. :D

    Nick Pettit
    Co-Creator of