Homeless People are the real bad guys & gals. Find out why.

2 Apr 2016

You’re on your way to work, feeling great, right? You showered, you trimmed your beard, or whatever, and you brushed your teeth. Depending on how rushed you are, you ate enough to get you going. Then you hop in your car. Life is great, the sun is shining, you feel good, you feel refreshed. On your commute to work, you’re at a stop light, and then something happens…

A homeless person, or possible drug addict, or someone pretending to be poor, posts a sign that makes you cry. Maybe not externally, but inside, you feel like you were hit in the gut.

What is your responsibility here?

Sure, feed the poor, clothe the homeless, right? But is that really your role, your job? We all play our part into the community right, we have jobs, we buy things, we do what we’re supposed to do. All that combined produces the greatest nation on earth: USA. Isn’t that enough? I say it should be. You educated yourself, or your family helped. But your role is to live your life. And you did that.

People that make you feel bad, do you associate with them?

When a friend of yours, or family member, makes you feel bad. Does that get you upset? Do you purposely associate with people that make you feel bad? No. You avoid the people that make you feel bad because they’re bad people. When a homeless person makes you feel bad, doesn’t that make them a bad person?

I understand it’s sad to see someone so dirty and possibly hungry. So I can come up with some solutions to the homeless problem.

Solution to Homelessness

There is no easy answer, more so a ton of small solutions, that when combined, solve the homelessness problem. Here are solutions, comments & things not do to. Don’t be an enabler. So here they are:

  • Stop giving homeless people money – this only enables them. There are services for homeless and those in need. Plenty.
  • Don’t expect homeless people to be perfect. Don’t expect homeless people to be able to provide for themselves.
  • We must not think everyone should have a TV. No one “needs” a TV. No one “needs” a phone. Those are things we can have if we partake in the capitalistic system. A homeless person does not qualify (unless they have a job).
  • We are not all the same. I like the color blue, you may like the color red. But that doesn’t mean we have to like the color red or the color blue. You can choose. That’s why some people may not be concerned with their looks, or combing their hair, or showering. Homeless people can choose to be dirty, and that is okay.
  • No one really has to have a home. If someone wants to be homeless, they have every right to be homeless. Now if they’re destroying someone else’s property, they should be fined and/or punished for that. No exceptions just because they don’t have a home.


You have every right to ignore the homeless person asking for change. As a matter of fact, you have every right to tell that person to go away. They have no right to force you to do anything. Not only that, we are not all the same. If someone wants to be homeless, that’s their right. But we don’t have to help them.