Brainstorm: How to save on water use

2 Oct 2014 How to save water - tips & tricks.

My water bill isn’t too bad, even with a pool. I don’t water the grass because it rains so much =) But with the shortage of water in California, not because of the drought, but because of the increase in population size and businesses using the water, it got me to thinking. How can I use less water?

Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Sensor to automatically shut off water when I’m washing my hands or dishes.
  • Timer for the shower to let me know how long I’m taking, and keep stats on previous shower times (day of week, etc).
  • Low flow water heads in every shower.
  • Don’t flush the toilet as much (you know the saying).
  • Put a half gallon jug (from old milk) and fill it with sand to displace the half gallon of water.
  • Use dehumidified water for watering the grass. I live in Florida, it gets humid so I waste electricity (that’s another story).
  • Use AC water that usually drains into the dirt for the pool & grass (if needed).
  • Collect gray water (rain water).
  • Collect all old soda cans, soda water, or any fluid that isn’t too oily; then dump it in a sand/charcoal filter. Use the water in the lawn or boil to drink.

This is merely a brainstorm, and there are other ways I’m sure to save on water. But these are very cost effective solutions, aren’t they?