How to send files easily with Droopy!

29 Jun 2010 Ferado

There comes a time when you’re working with someone, or talking to a friend or family member on the phone, and something comes up and they want to send you a file. Now this isn’t just any old file, it’s a large file. A file that will be annoying to send via the inbox, and a file that may crash your instant messenger window.

Droopy to your rescue! Droopy is a mini Web server whose sole purpose is to let other people send files to your computer. People spend a lot of money on these types of things. Why? There’s a free one out there for you, and its name is Droopy :)

Of course, the downside is you’re going to need to know a little bit about computers to install it. Be happy, I’ll help you out for a small investment on your part. We can work out the details, use my contact form.

You may find and download Droopy by using the following button:

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