How to solve the War problem on Earth

5 Aug 2017 Embed from Getty Images

Earth is a great place to live, am I right? At least if you live in America or any non-3rd World Nation. Although some of those 3rd World Nation’s have so much freedom, and are so cost-effective; retiring there seems attractive. Anyways.

Americans love to blow things up. That’s why we have such a powerful military. No other nation on Earth can defeat us. That’s just how it is. There aren’t enough slaves in the world, or enough money in the world to defeat the US. Get over it, don’t try it. That being said. How do we solve the War problem on Earth?

Why is War a problem?

Because seeing crying babies with dirt and ash all over their facings, just screaming for mommy, isn’t good. It’s not nice. It’s morally wrong, no matter your religion. War created America though, right? So not all ward is bad, am I right? Okay then, not all war is wrong, as long as it’s for a good cause. But how do you define a good cause? What makes war just? We’ve been trying to blow up Syria for years just so some rich Elites can have their oil pipeline. We blew up Iraq and Obama gave Iraq away to Terrorists. These only sound like problems because they are problems. How many countless lives need to be obliterated before we realize war is a problem? Sure, war makes people rich. We need rich people on Earth. But at what cost?

I’m not a fan of war, never served. Would if it came down to it. But I feel I have a different purpose so I never enlisted.

History tends to repeat itself. History does bring nice monuments and museums. War destroys those things, just look at what happened in Iraq.

If you go back to WWII, how much History did Hitler destroy?

You would have to be insane to believe that war isn’t a problem, would you agree with me on that?

War is a problem. What is the solution to War?

In our recorded history on Earth, we have so many wins, so many solutions to war. Capitalism is one that comes to mind first because I’m on a Mac typing on a WordPress website. All things that came from Peace, all things that came from Capitalism. Now I’m not saying we should worship money, worship what you want to worship, doesn’t bother me.

What great nation was built because of Capitalism? The United States of America of course, right? Rugged individualism, fueled with the drive to make money, and build great things. America. And yet we still blow things up?

So how can we look at America as an example of how to solve Earth’s War Problem? Well, we can use a capitalistic trait; we can franchise the United States Constitution. Why not? Why have we not tried to franchise the constitution out to other nations?

Look to McDonald’s, the food tastes the same, right? All over the world. That’s what franchising does. We would have other nations that follow a franchised version of the United States Constitution. How would it work? Well, they all get the Bill of Rights. We should of course start with a Nation close to America that is in huge amount of Debt. Maybe I shouldn’t bring that up since America has a ton of debt. But there are other nations out there that are failing. America should go in there, get them to use our constitution. We would get a cut of their GDP of course, but they would be their own sovereign nation. With restrictions of course.

Then replicate that strategy to other nations. Eventually we’ll take over the planet, just like McDonald’s did.

We can do it.