Make your own Ajax pre-loader for your site!

20 Apr 2009 Ferado

For those of you that are not designers, nor have any desire to design, but need an ajax pre-loader, has been built for you.

I found this site or a site just like this one a while back (2-3 years) but never really bookmarked it since it’s just so easy to Google stuff these days. I’m a nice guy so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s pretty cool. You’ll see it being used throughout my site since I am not a designer, nor will I ever be.

Not sold yet?


The site gives you the ability to select from a list the pre-loader that you want. It shows you what the pre-loader will look like as you look through the list. It also gives you the option to select the background color, or even make it transparent. Finally, you can select your color of the pre-loader itself.

Once you’ve made your decision, you can then click the “generate” button and it will present you a preview of the pre-loader just in case you want to tweak the colors a little bit. Once you’re done previewing your pre-loader, you may click the “download” button.

Not sold yet?


Step 1. Create your Pre-loader

Michael Barton's Snapshot of a pre-loader.

Step 2. Preview your Pre-loader

Step 3. Download your Pre-loader

Now it’s that time, the time to enjoy your very own pre-loader.

Don’t forget, the site is: