5 Sep 2014 Ferado

Enhanced Amazon Reviews with 2 new flags

It would be amazing if Amazon could come up with a way to follow reviewers on their site. I have no idea if this is current functionality, as it is not easy to figure out.

But here are the two types of follower groups I’d like added:

  • Follow Reviewers you trust
  • Flag Fishy Reviewers – reviewers you think might be SPAM from the product owner

Follow Reviewers you trust

By having a follower I trust highlighted or at the top of the product page when I’m on Amazon, I’m able to make a faster decision. This is a little different than having a Facebook friend show up on the product page because my Facebook friends aren’t as likely to purchase a product I may purchase, but someone that I follow based on their purchasing decisions, would help me decide to buy faster.

Flag Fishy Reviewers

Flagging and highlighting reviewers that I feel are fishy helps me ignore a product that I’m likely to hate. Why should I have to buy a product if it’s not good, or a product I’m likely to hate?


That’s it. Amazon, if you could add this functionality, I’ll be able to buy more from you at a faster pace. I would love to shorten the amount of time I spend researching products. I use reviews to figure out if a product is crap. I don’t like to buy crap. This will help me to stop buying crap.

11 May 2014 Ferado

Republicans vs GOP vs Conservatives vs Tea Party vs Libertarians

I listen to conservative radio while I’m at work; what I find on iHeart or The Blaze Radio (more  specifically – Glenn Beck). You know what I hear most? Defund the GOP? Oh those Tea Partiers are nut cases. I’m not Republican, I’m Conservative. Bullshit! You’re a Republican. You need to start acting like a damn Republican.

There is no reason to divide, and all the more reason to find similarities between the subsets of the REPUBLICAN Party. GOP is what? It’s another name for the Republican party, but used to target the establishment Republicans. Conservatives seem to be the goto Republican name when you’re not a big government fool, and not into Anarchy. Tea Partiers are Republicans, just a little less than a GOP.  Libertarians seem to have their own party, but for major races, they’re Republicans.

What do all these subsets have in common? They vote Republican! Why feed the dumb-ass Democrats with ammunition to talk badly about good policy?

What you can do to help

Start by saying you’re a Republican. Be proud to be on the side of good moral people. Be proud to be on the side of what’s right with American. Be proud.


15 Feb 2011 Ferado

Online behavior tracking

A cute little video about online advertisers watching your every move online. I kind of agree with them. It’s one thing to want to know how many people come to your site and from what region, etc. But it’s another to track what they click on, their mouse movements, if they passed gas while on your site, etc. Even though some of my clients have made me spend weeks adding tracking codes to sites, I still agree with this video with all my heart.

Stop, stop, just stop ;)

8 Feb 2011 Ferado

jQuery Default / JavaScript Default Options

This blog is more for myself than any of you readers out there. Every so often I need to have an object of some kind or a function that has its own defaults. Here’s how to do it using jQuery:

[cc lang=”javascript”]

// function
function myFunc(options) {
var defaults = {option1: ‘val’, option2: ‘val2’};
var settings = $.extend({}, defaults, options);
// do something

// or, an object
var myObj = {
init: function(options) {
var defaults = {option1: ‘val’, option2: ‘val2’};
var settings = $.extend({}, defaults, options);



It’s easier to remember how to do things when you practice them. This was my practice at setting JavaScript defaults. See the reference link for more, it’s a good one.

19 Dec 2010 Ferado

A new way to advertise: BMW – Flash Projection / Paper-Plane.fr


BMW tested out a new technology, after image, that can be used to help people remember (oh, and for advertising) things. They used after image to get their logo inside of peoples heads. Watch the video.

I’m against the uses; although, this technology could be used in movie theaters, concerts, etc. to embed ideas into peoples heads. Pretty neat and pretty scary. What do you think?

30 Oct 2010 Ferado

I do NOT cut corners, and neither should you!

In hopes of motivating myself, I read. Most of the books in my library are about motivation. One book, in particular, Dave’s Way.

On page 10 in the book, something stood out that I thought I would share with all of you. It has to do with quality service, and giving people what their money deserves.

… a magazine reporter asked me why Wendy’s hamburgers were square. I answered, off the top of my head, “At Wendy’s we don’t cut corners.” It dawned on me then that not cutting corners was a lesson I learned from…

Folks, readers, viewers – name your slang – I, Michael Barton, offer you services that will be of amazing quality, and I promise, I DO NOT cut corners.

I can be reached view comments, my contact form.