Who is the REAL Paul McCartney?

14 Jul 2016 Who is the real Paul McCartney?

Like so many people before me, they questioned whether or not Paul is real or an imposter. I was curious as well. So I did some digging.

What did I find in my research?

People went out of their way to compare photos taken, they used easter eggs in recordings, they took apart words used by former members of the Beatles.

But there’s nothing to prove one way or the other. Photos can have different angles. And of course, we’re talking about celebrities…of which…get plastic surgery and dental work done all the time. Puffy lips? Of course, Paul probably wanted to look better. Or maybe he made out with the wrong groupie.

It would be too hard to find someone to replace Paul and be just as successful.

How could Faul do this?

What do I think happened to Paul McCartney?

In my humble opinion, the reason for Faul:

  • Different camera angles
  • Body doubles – of course there would be body doubles
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Marketing – great way to lure fans into buying and dissecting their albums


Paul is Paul McCartney. The only want to prove otherwise would be to get DNA tests. If someone truly wants to know the truth, start a GoFundMe page and raise enough money to pay Paul to prove one way or the other, or get a rich guy/gal to pay for it. You give Paul a couple million dollars and he’ll take the test.