Top Rated – FREE – Security Software for PC

24 May 2009 Ferado

MACs are no longer evil. I use a MAC these days =)

As many of you already know, MACs are evil and I will not talk about them in this post. Hopefully someday MACs will do away with their evilness, but until then…

Consumer Reports did its usual software ratings and stuff like that. What I thought was interesting was that it rated these 3 pieces of software pretty highly:

For more, you’re gonna have to Google it or sign up with Consumer Reports.

One comment on “Top Rated – FREE – Security Software for PC

  1. Derek Watterson

    Just working a comp up for your new website here on the mac. Wondered if you had any good anti-virus for me. Oh wait! Macs don’t need it. Thanks anyway! I’ll move on to more relevant posts.