What the TSA can do to make flying not suck so much

8 Mar 2017 How the TSA can do their jobs better

Flying sucks. There’s no reason for all the security. Build a wall, don’t let people immigrate from Terrorist Nations. Think about it. If we’re bombing the crap out of a country, why would we let the survivors into America to some day kill us? That would be pretty stupid of us. Let’s be smart, and stay alive.

But we already lost the War on Terrorism. When we travel, we either get fondled or we have 3D naked pictures made of us. Hey, freedom right? No, we’re really less free in America than in other countries. We’ve been conned, and we lost the War on Terrorism.

We don’t have to quit though, we can stand for ourselves; we can say “hey, we’re not going to take this anymore.” That’s what I think we should do, and that’s what this article is about.

What can the TSA do to make flying not suck so much?

Lists are great, so I’m going to provide a list; in no particular order.

  • Better lines for drop-off, and pick-up. It’s chaos when you go there to be dropped off, or to be picked up. Make better lines, have people working on the ground to direct traffic; not just yell at us. Be NICE!
  • Promote the trust of curbside check-ins or baggage drop-offs. I see the people there, but are they safe? Promote it, produce some safety numbers. Make it really easy, and more people will use it.
  • Affordable system to certify trusted flyers. I’m sure there’s something there now, but it’s not promoted, and it doesn’t seem affordable. Make it affordable; you save money when you don’t have long lines that require lots of people to manage those lines, am I right or am I right?
    • This system would verify people that are no threat whatsoever.
    • Let these people walk through line.
    • Don’t even bother scanning their stuff. You’re not the DEA, you’re just the TSA. Keep your job in “scope.”
    • Ideally, this system would solve 90% of the problems.
  • Go back to medal detectors. There is no reason in the world to give 100 people per year cancer (the scanners cause a % of people to get cancer), and then take naked 3D scans of people. That’s just wrong on so many levels. Please do what is right, scan the safer way.
  • Mobile App or Bar code scanners. Let people scan their bar codes themselves, have more of the devices around, and let people go through. Heck, let them scan their state issued IDs or Passports. No need for a human here. Also, stop having people ask you stupid questions.

But isn’t some of this on the Airlines themselves?

Sure, so let’s solve the problem for Airlines as well.

  • Automate as much as possible. Take advantage of curb pick-up. More kiosks, let mobile apps do the same thing. Check in your baggage with the mobile app. Allow for more trusted curbside pick-up. We should be able to walk right up to the metal detectors. Couple this with a trusted flyers program, that is cheap and everyone that isn’t a criminal can get on, will make flying a breeze.
  • Take the safety test online, once every 2 years. Why do we have to go through the safety instructions (that everyone ignores) every flight? Seems like a waste of time. Let’s not do it anymore.
  • Honesty about how long we taxi. No reason to keep us in the dark. Post it on the mobile app. But keep us informed of how long we are going to taxi, and what the reason for it is.
  • Wider aisles, less seats. Have aisles big enough for people to squeeze on by. We shouldn’t have to wait for rude people to hog the aisle. Fewer seats could solve this. You can make money selling good food, devices, advertise for rental cars, cars in general, tourist destinations, and even real estate. Just take advantage of it!


We’ve learn that the TSA sucks and just wants to fondle us, and take naked photos. We’ve also learned the solutions to the traveling crisis, and how Airlines can treat humans like humans. We don’t have to take it anymore!